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by Andrews, William Frampton; Beloe, E. M. (Edward Milligen); Bower, R; Birch, C. G. R; Christy, Miller, b. 1861; Drake, W; Franks, A. W; Oliver, Andrew; Stephenson, Mill, 1857-1937; Waller, J. G; Wareing, John
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Memorial brasses in Hertfordshire churches by W.F. Andrews; On a monumental brass of Flemish workmanship, to Abbot Thomas Delamere by E.M. Beloe; On some rubbings of monumental brasses, taken in Norfolk & Cambridgeshire, in the year 1888, by E.M. Beloe; On certain brasses at Necton & Great Cressingham by C.G.R. Birch; Brasses in the diocese of Carlisle by R. Bower; On some interesting Essex brasses by Miller Christy & W.W. Porteous; Sepulchral brasses by William Drake; On palimpsest...
Topic: Brasses